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Shine a light for our transport industry heroes

We will have the opportunity to say thank you on Thursday, November 19th to all those HGV heroes who are working harder than ever to keep the country moving – and we’d love to see you join us.

As part of National Lorry Week, the country is being urged to shine a light at 8pm on that day to celebrate the logistics industry and the work being done by our truck drivers, warehouse staff, managers, technicians, mechanics, fitters and anyone else involved in this most important of industries.

Showing support

All of our doctors and staff at D4Drivers will be taking part and hope you will join us – whether that’s shining a light on your building or standing on the doorstep with your family and a torch. It’s something we can all do as a way of saying thank you and show our support for this wonderful industry.

National Lorry Week runs from November 16th to 22nd and is in its sixth year,  celebrating all those people who work in road transport.

It’s an industry that often doesn’t get the recognition it deserves but one which is so vital in keeping the country moving – a particularly important service in these difficult times of Covid.

Shining a light is a way of showing your appreciation for those companies and individuals responsible for the delivery of 98% of essential goods across the country, keeping shops stocked and frontline workers equipped with PPE.

It’s an outstanding job they are doing but something most of us take for granted and probably don’t think too much about, but it’s worth considering where we would be without the efforts of the logistics industry in keeping the country safe, fed and moving!

Nominate a hero

National Lorry Week is also giving people the chance to nominate a HGV Hero. It’s a Road Haulage Association initiative and provides the opportunity for people to recognise the efforts of a driver, haulage company or anyone else connected with road transport who goes the extra mile. So nominate your hero today.

In the meantime, make a note of the time and date – 8pm on November 19 – and let’s turn out in force to shine a light in thanks of the wonderful job being carried out 24/7 for us by our unsung transport heroes.