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Beat the 2021 rush for your driver’s medical

New year, new medical needed

A new year is looming and so is the end of the temporary Covid-related  relaxation of rules requiring drivers to get a medical to renew their licence – so book now to ensure you beat the rush!

Significant numbers of drivers this year have opted to renew their 12-month licence without taking a medical – an initiative brought in by the DVLA to help drivers through the pandemic.

Drivers began making use of the extension in April shortly after the first lockdown was brought into force and as the medical is valid for four months, our team at D4Drivers is anticipating a huge increase in bookings from January.

Time to act!

The DVLA also announced in September 2020 that drivers whose licence expired this year would be allowed an automatic 11-month extension, but we would urge drivers who opt to have their medical and not defer until 2021 to book now.

To assist drivers and firms with this we now have more clinics than ever before available and are ready and waiting to take your call or online booking.

The extra clinic availability is also necessary due to the current pressures on GPs brought about by the pandemic with the vast majority of NHS GP surgeries de-prioritising certain services such as carrying out driver medicals.

GPs are expected to deliver the Covid-19 vaccine when it is rolled out and will also be busy catching up with the inevitable backlog of cases brought about by the pandemic – all of which will make it even more difficult in the months ahead for them to deliver HGV and PCV medicals.

beat the 2021 rush, book your medical with D4Drivers.

From a medical point of view it is very important that you undertake your medical and not defer this important periodic and mandatory health check, especially if you have existing health conditions.

As a professional driver you are expected to meet Group 2 medical standards and the best way of ensuring you continue to meet this is by undertaking your medical with a GMC registered doctor at a reputable medical provider.

We are approaching the end of an unprecedented year with hopes high for the new one. Start yours off in the right way by booking a driver’s medical with D4Drivers!