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Dry January- a timely reminder for drivers!

Most of us enjoy a drink but if you are driving for a living it is vitally important to be aware of the dangers – which is why Dry January is a timely reminder of the need for HGV/PCV drivers to maintain an appropriate relationship with alcohol.

The Christmas and New Year period sees a general rise in alcohol consumption and Dry January is the ideal opportunity for people to take stock of their drinking habits, go alcohol-free for a month and take steps to cut back if necessary.

D4Drivers is committed to maintaining the good health of drivers and fully supports the Dry January campaign. Drink-driving remains a problem on our roads – it’s a danger to life and also puts jobs at risk for those who depend on driving for their livelihood.

Alcohol Change UK

Dry January is run each year by the charity Alcohol Change UK – a one-month booze-free challenge helping millions of people reset the relationship they have with alcohol. Of those who sign up:

  • 86% say they save money
  • 70% report better sleeping patterns
  • 66% have more energy
  • 65% have generally improved health
  • 72% are still drinking less riskily six months later

Whether it’s a case of drinking too much, too often or just taking a break, Alcohol Change UK is working to reduce the harm drinking can do by helping and supporting people with treatments, checking drinking patterns and providing valuable tips for cutting down.

It can be difficult coming to terms with a drinking problem or even recognising that one exists, and it’s a sad fact that someone dies as a direct result of alcohol every hour. But it only takes three weeks to break a habit, which is why Dry January is playing a leading role in raising awareness of the dangers and helping people make life-changing decisions about their drinking habits.

It’s also a fact that those who sign up to Dry January are twice as likely to make it through to the end of the month alcohol-free.

dry january D4Drivers

Free app help

One of the excellent aids available through Alcohol Change UK is Try Dry, a free to download app which helps to meet individual goals – whether that’s taking on Dry January, helping to cut down on drinking more long term or a desire to go totally alcohol-free.

Whatever your goals, a new year and Dry January is a great opportunity to reflect on your drinking habits and assess the effects they are having on your general health and wellbeing. If you are a driver it may help you recognise the early danger signs and prevent a serious problem occuring – something which might just keep you on the road!