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Ex-trucker Alex takes on health kick..

Alex Littleton drove a Scania with his nickname emblazoned on his nameplate in the windscreen of his scania – ‘Low-fat’.

“I’m low and fat,” he says. “It was a nickname I have had since my darting days in the noughtys and it stuck. My friends decided, after a few shandys, that as I was short and fat low-fat would be an appropriate title – and it is still with me to this day.”

Travelling as a trucker

A trucker for more than 30 years, first in construction on a roll-on, roll-off and then travelling around Europe delivering vehicle parts, Alex also spent time hauling plant machinery on a low-loader.

But Alex has now swapped the truck cabs for a van and is a maintenance manager for D4Drivers with two young children at home.

Improving health

And although he wouldn’t change his trucking past – or the great times he had on the road – he now wants to be able to run and play with those children… his health and body shape needs to improve.

Diagnosed with high blood pressure, Alex is on tablets he would like to reduce and even stop. He would also like to get fitter and lose some of his body fat.

So he is working with Summerfield Healthcare health ambassador and personal trainer Neil Orchard on a plan for the next six months…and we are going to follow his journey.

What’s the plan?

Neil said: “I have spoken with Alex about diet and he is implementing changes which will help him as he heads towards his goal. We have also begun personal training sessions to work on building Alex’s general fitness and working to lower his blood pressure naturally.”

What does Alex think?

Alex said: “Just in the first few days I already feel more confident that this is something I can achieve. I am changing my diet and I think a healthier diet will be easier to stick to if I am regularly exercising with Neil – I am looking forward to seeing my progress, no matter how slow it may be, I am taking it step by step…or star jump by star jump as it may be!”