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Free Re-testing For Drivers Who ‘Fail’ Their Medical

We are now offering free retesting for drivers ‘failing’ their D4 medical due to blood pressure problems.

From 1st June, D4Drivers is going live with FREE retesting for people who ‘fail’ their medical due to high blood pressure.

It should be stressed that it isn’t our doctors who makes the decision on a driver’s fitness when it comes to a DVLA D4 medical, that is the responsibility of the DVLA, but identifying a blood pressure problem during a D4 medical will allow the driver an opportunity to resolve the issue through lifestyle changes or anti hypertensive treatment.

It’s another important link in the chain towards a successful licence application with the early warning proving crucial for the driver’s chances to reduce their high blood pressure through their own GP practice before returning to us for a free retest.

How it works

The DVLA limit on blood pressure is 179/99, which means that if you consistently have systolic blood pressure of 180 or more or diastolic blood pressure of 100 or more, you do not meet DVLA group 2 standard. Previously we dealt with this on a case by case basis without a free retest mechanism in place.

A need for change

There needed to be a better option so we have now formalised the process and we strongly believe the offer of a free retest will greatly benefit drivers taking their medical with D4Drivers.

We took into account several factors in coming to our decision, including: People have generally been visiting their GP less in the last 12-18 months during COVID, leading to delays for health services and treatments; many have been reluctant to leave the house which has led to uncertainty over ongoing general health; and highlighting a potential licence rejection over something which can be avoided through often straightforward treatment is the right thing to do.

What happens now?

The process now is that anyone failing their medical with us due to high blood pressure will be advised to visit their own GP or practice nurse for follow up as previously, the difference being that our doctor will also advise them that they are entitled to a free retest once they have followed this up with their GP or practice nurse, and D4Drivers will cover the entire cost of a new D4 medical.

Drivers simply need to call to book the free retest once they have visited their GP or practice nurse for follow up/ blood pressure treatment.

*Please note this offer extends to one free retest and is only valid for customers who do not meet DVLA group 2 standard for blood pressure in their first medical. We do not offer free retests for any other reason and we reserve the right to amend or withdraw this offer at any time.