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HGV medicals – what you need to know

An increasing number of drivers are booking their HGV medical with D4Drivers – which makes perfect sense! They are easy and quick to arrange and held at times and locations convenient to you!

We have been carrying out driver medicals for a number of years and our doctors have extensive experience in providing you with the professional service you would expect from a leader in the field.

You probably have questions about what’s required to complete a D4Drivers medical and we have put together a few often asked questions and our answers which we hope you will find useful.

Who can complete my HGV medical?

The medical can be carried out by any doctor who is GMC registered and licensed to practise in the UK.

That being said, you should book your medical with a reputable provider whose doctors are experienced and familiar with completing DVLA D4 medicals. Unfortunately in the current climate you will often find that your own GP will either not offer this service or won’t often complete these medicals and won’t be familiar with the paperwork.

D4Drivers’ doctors run clinics solely for drivers who need a D4 medical. We are also the official health partner of the RHA.

What do I need to take to my medical?

You will need to be in possession of several items when you visit the doctor for your driver medical assessment to be completed. Remember, the medical form to be completed requires detailed medical information so bring as much information as possible to the assessment. Don’t worry though, for every booking made with D4Drivers you will receive a comprehensive booking confirmation detailing exactly what you need to bring with you.

We will need your D4 medical form, or the form relating to the medical you have booked; your driving licence, or passport if your licence is currently lost or with the DVLA; your driving glasses and optical prescription, and contact lenses must be removed to complete the uncorrected vision eye test.

You will need to bring along a list of all your current medication, dosages and dates you began taking them; and any hospital letters or details of hospital consultants who are treating you.

What will be checked at my medical?

Our doctor will examine you in accordance with the requirements of the relevant D4 medical form which includes: An eye test, recording your blood pressure, the listing on the form of any medication you are taking, information about your previous medical history.

When the assessment is completed, you will post the form to the DVLA who will either accept your application and send you your updated licence, or reject it explaining the reasons why.