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Where did Movember start? – The history of Movember

There are several trends and challenges that take over the internet for charity. Some of these fun challenges are associated with doing something outrageous or quirky, but a challenge like Movember has become popular because it’s related to how someone looks.

So, what is Movember? Where did Movember start? And what is the real history of Movember? Find the answers to these questions by reading this article.

What is Movember?

Movember is a charity movement that encourages men to grow their moustaches to sponsor and raise awareness about men’s health issues, including testicular cancer, prostate cancer, and mental health issues. There’s a fun element to the challenge though the underlying message is a serious one.

The movement’s motto is “Grow a Mo, Save a Bro” and is sponsored by the Movember Foundation, which has supported more than 1,250 projects so far. By posting your picture with your moustache grown, you’ll be encouraging people to donate to a cause and to raise awareness. The money raised is used for study and research purposes to protect men and improve their health.

How can someone join the Movember movement?

Joining the movement is available for everyone. All you have to do is to visit the Movember Foundation’s website and sign up using your email or Facebook account. After that, you can post a picture with a shaved face and share the progress with your fans as your moustache progresses during the month of November

You can also share your progress on different social media accounts with your friends, family, and colleagues. The more people interact with your photo, the more donations there will be, which will lead to more awareness, saving the lives of men across the globe.

Where did Movember start?

The Movember movement is of Australian origin and started in 2003 when two Australians, Travis Garone and Luke Slattery, decided to start a joke amongst their friends by bringing back the fashion of growing a moustache. Later on, they decided to associate the challenge with a blue ribbon like the one used to advocate for breast cancer in order to campaign for men’s health.

Garone and Slattery approached their friends and were astonished to know that 30 of their friends were ready to take the challenge and grow a moustache after sending an email titled “Are you man enough to be my man?”.

The history of Movember

The first 30 Mo Bros were the pioneers behind the No-Shave-November and decided to use the challenge to advocate for prostate cancer. They later got in contact with the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, which accepted the funds raised through the movement. By 2004, there were 450 Mo Bros in Australia, the UK, and Spain who contributed with 54000 AUD raised to support the PCFA.

The growth of Movember didn’t stop there as it began to grow more popular across the globe. The campaign travelled to New Zealand, the US, and Canada, eventually raising enormous awareness of men’s health issues and raising $21.5 million (AUD) to sponsor more than 770 men’s health projects.

What are the rules to join Movember?

Getting involved with the movement can be as simple as contributing to the cause, if you don’t actually want to grow a moustache, or to use your face to support men’s health. You can join the movement by registering alone or team up with your friends to join a pack. Here are some of the rules that you should follow to join Movember.

There are actually several approved styles that you should stick to if you want to grow your moustache for the movement. Joining your sideburns or chin to the handlebars isn’t allowed as it’s against the rules of Movember.

How to maintain your moustache for a month?

In order to attract more fans who will donate to the project or campaign of your choice, you need to learn some basics about growing and taking care of your moustache.

Wrap up

Movember started as a fun challenge between friends but is now considered a global charity movement that focuses on raising awareness and funds to support men’s health. Anyone is welcome to join the challenge, either by donating money or growing their moustaches and sharing their progress.