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How HGV Drivers Can Manage Their Schedule Over the Christmas Period

It is easy to see how much the Covid-19 pandemic has affected our lives; so many businesses and careers were adversely affected in the face of the rapid changes that caught the world by shock. Amidst the effects of the pandemic (and the post-Brexit era), some careers have actually managed to thrive, becoming even more lucrative, especially at Christmas time. For example, HGV driving is one career which for many drivers has turned out to become very valuable and rewarding, with their skills in higher demand than ever.

Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) drivers are focused on ensuring smooth transportation of bulk goods from one location to the other. They are important components of the supply chain process as they help to move items for suppliers and customers, locally, nationally, and internationally.

HGV drivers always seem to be in transit with their busy work schedules. Hence, as the Christmas period draws even closer, HGV drivers and their companies need to start to think about how to manage their schedules during the Christmas period.

This article will consider several ways that HGV drivers can manage their schedules throughout the Christmas period.

Christmas periods are marked with increased activity levels as people make more purchases, and so, supermarkets and other stores are required to fill up their stocks using the services of lorry drivers. Therefore, HGV drivers will typically be spending more time on the road, which could limit the amount of time they spend with their family and loved ones during the Christmas period.

Adhering to the following schedule management techniques can help HGV drivers provide an efficient service, yet still get the most out of their time off during these holidays.

Be flexible with work schedules

While drafting plans for the Christmas period, it is important that drivers are as flexible as possible to allow room for vital driving activities that are beyond their control that may come up. Do not overschedule holiday activities if you don’t know for sure that your driving rota will allow you to attend.

Christmas celebration flexibility

While Christmas Day falls on December 25th, that does not mean it always has to be celebrated on that specific day. Driver schedules often have to take into account Boxing Day and other post-Christmas sales, which could lead to drivers having to hit the road on Christmas Day or very early the next day. This might mean that your celebrations have to be shifted to another day, or scaled down to take this into account, especially in view of the need to be in a suitably rested and sober condition to drive. Considering the limited spare time that is available to HGV drivers, family celebrations may have to be rescheduled so that all the family and friends can get together at the same time.

Take advantage of the available technologies

There are so many ways drivers can get to keep in touch with their families if they need to be on the road at Christmas time. If a phone call isn’t sufficient, then real-time access to family and friends through various contact channels, such as Skype, Facebook, Instagram, and other means can really make the difference. Doing so can go a long way in helping you manage time and work efficiently while still maintaining contact at such a vital family time.

Overall, while nobody enjoys their holiday seasons at work, HGV drivers are always ready to celebrate their Christmas holidays while on the go. It’s hard, no doubt about it, but following some of the techniques we discussed here can make holiday schedule management that little bit easier for drivers and their families.