Frequently Asked Questions Regarding COVID-19

Following the latest government guidance and COVID-19 restrictions we have compiled a list of FAQs to help reassure our customers that the appropriate COVID-19 and safety and hygiene precautions are being taken at all D4Drivers clinics.

Is D4Drivers operating and still providing medicals during 2021 lockdowns?

Yes- We have worked closely alongside Doctors and venues to ensure that we can continue running clinics during the latest restrictions taking place in 2021. Additional precautions have been taken to ensure that our vital service can continue operating during lockdowns. We will help ensure that keyworkers such as HGV and PCV drivers and paramedics can stay on the road.

On 4th January 2021 Government confirmed you can attend any medical appointments as normal.

What PPE measures are in place?

All of our Doctors wear protective mask and gloves for clinics, replacing them for every medical they carry out. Customers are required to wear a face covering when attending an appointment with D4Drivers and must use hand sanitiser provided at venues. Customers must wait outside the clinic venue prior to your appointment if suitable space is not available inside the venue but we specify this information on your booking confirmation.

Applying for your provisional HGV/PCV licence- Do you still need a medical?

Yes, anyone applying for a first HGV/PCV licence (or C1/D1 if they passed the car test after 1996) needs a D4 medical.

Renewing your HGV/PCV Licence at 45 or over- Do you still need a medical?

DVLA have confirmed that they will accept and process any D4 medicals submitted in the usual way so our medical advice is that you undertake a medical to ensure your application will be accepted in the first instance.
DVLA announced in April 2020 that anyone renewing their HGV/PCV licence from April 2020 onwards can apply for a 12 month licence without undertaking a medical, but if you have a notifiable condition DVLA still require a D4 medical to be completed, so our advice is to undertake your medical as you would have done normally when renewing your licence. We will update this page when DVLA release further information on this matter. More info here: Governement guidance has not been clear on when this optional extension ends.

Renewing your C1/D1 licence at 70 (Grandfather rights)- Do you still need a medical?

Yes, but there’s a catch!- DVLA have confirmed that the 12 month licence extension that HGV/PCV drivers can apply for during COVID-19 pandemic does not apply to drivers renewing their licence at 70. However, DVLA have also advised that there are significant delays in processing D4 medical for drivers renewing their C1 licence at 70.
DVLA’s advice to drivers in this position is to renew your car licence online (which can be done if you have a valid UK passport) as they are not accepting paper applications from non key workers, and to renew your C1 licence once we are through the pandemic even if you have to go without it for a period after turning 70*- We appreciate that this is very frustrating for drivers and are pushing for further clarity from DVLA.

DVLA have also announced on 1st September 2020 that anyone renewing their driving licence in 2020 now has an automatic 11 month extension to their licence. It is our understanding that they have made this decision due to the backlog they are facing, but they have again confirmed that you can still renew your licence in the normal way by having your D4 medical.

Medicals Following A Driving Ban- Useful Information

During the COVID-19 pandemic we have received a high number of enquiries from people who have been banned from driving and wish to re-apply for their driving licence. Unfortunately we do not offer this service but we can signpost you to the appointed DVLA Doctor for Shrewsbury and surrounding areas. Please note DVLA did suspend all HRO (High Risk Offender) medicals for those who are banned and they are not sending out paperwork to appointed Doctors.

How can you book a medical with D4Drivers?

You can book online 24/7 at or call our team on 0300 3030 668 between 8.00am-6.00pm Monday-Friday or 8.00am-4.00pm Saturday-Sunday.

High Call Volumes- Please Book Online Where Possible

We are experiencing significantly higher call volumes than usual due to the number of drivers who were granted a 12 month licence by DVLA during COVID-19 now reaching the end of this licensing period and needing a medical.

Our team are doing all we can to accommodate these additional bookings but we kindly ask that you book online where possible using our online booking portal.

All clinics are going ahead with additional safety precautions in place. You can feel safe in the knowledge that when you attend your appointment with D4Drivers extra precautions have been taken to ensure you are in a COVID safe environment, including regular cleaning of all surfaces and equipment and strict PPE and social distancing measures.