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Crane Operator Medical

The majority of employers now ask for a certificate of fitness to be provided by an individual when beginning a role which involves cranes.

All crane operators should undertake a medical to ensure that you are fit to work at heights and in possession of heavy goods when controlling a crane. D4Drivers carry out crane operator medicals at over 95 locations nationwide, including evenings and weekends.

All medicals are carried out to group 2 driver medical standard (that of a professional HGV or Bus driver using DVLA standards), but if you require a specific form or set of paperwork completing then please send the details to and we can assist you with your medical requirements.

Are crane operators required to have a medical?

Although there is no legislation in the UK which requires crane operators to undergo a medical examination the majority of employers see it as vital that operators are declared medically fit for the role by a registered doctor. So, while it isn’t a legal requirement to have a medical, like it is for drivers of HGV or PCV vehicles, it is certainly advantageous and often required by some employers to have a medical test so that you can prove your fitness to operate a crane.

What’s Involved In Your Medical?

Our doctor will complete your medical for only £65. Your medical consists of an eyesight test using a Snellen chart, blood pressure checks to ensure your BP is at an acceptable level, and a questionnaire regarding your medical history.

During your assessment, you will be asked a range of questions relating to your health and about any conditions such as epilepsy, seizures, diabetes and other medical conditions that could potentially impair your ability to to operate a crane.

Our doctor will assess you based on the answers you provide relating to your medical history, medications and the findings of your examination. The whole process of carrying out a crane operator medical should usually take no more than 20 minutes.

When you complete your examination our doctor will provide you with your certificate of medical fitness (subject to the outcome of the medical) valid from the date you pass your medical examination, as well as indicate how long it is valid for. Your certificate will be sent by email by our team within 2 working days of the appointment.

Why Choose D4Drivers?

D4Drivers carry out over 11,000 medicals each month and have clinics in over 95 locations nationwide.

The price and wait time to see your local GP has increased dramatically while D4Drivers have appointments available evenings and weekends. The speed of our service is important to many professionals who need to be able to prove that they are fit and able to safely operate a crane.

Book your crane operator medical appointment at a time convenient to you by calling 0300 30 30 668 or book online now.

What do I need?

Please Bring to your Medical:

  • Medical Form (specific to your medical)
  • Photo ID
  • Your driving glasses/contact lenses & prescription
  • Details of any ongoing medical conditions plus any medication you are taking
  • Medical records where required

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