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Occupational health; adding value to your business with the quality, speed and accuracy of occupational health reporting

As an employer, you are required by law to prevent physical and mental ill health in your workers that may occur because of your business activities. An important part of occupational health is concerned with how work and the work environment can impact on workers’ health, both physical and mental.

 It’s for this reason that D4Drivers has acquired MyOccHealth and are now providing pay-as-you-go occupation health support into the transport industry.

MyOccHealth will be rebranding as D4Health in March 2023 and will provide transport specific occupation health support directly to you. 

Our services include:

Absence management

Management referrals | Absence management consultancy | Ill health retirement

Absence Management is support and advice to managers on how to best support the employee to  get back to work should health issues arise through management referral process.

Health surveillance

Audiometry | Spirometry | Skin checks | Drug and alcohol testing

Health Surveillance is a system of ongoing health checks for employees to identify work related illnesses. As an employer, you may be required by law to provide Health surveillance when your employees remain exposed to health risks despite control measures being put in place. These health risks include noise, vibration, and substances hazardous to health.

Health screening & Fitness to work

Driver screening | Pre-placement screening | Night worker screening

These are assessments to help employers be sure that employees comply with fitness standards for work prior to commencement of employment.

Health promotion

Essential Health Check | Advanced Health Check | Premium Health Check

Health promotion: Empowers your employees to be proactive in improving their health through various health promotion drives and health checks tailored to the organisation, which can be carried out both remotely and onsite.

If you have any questions around how we can support, you and your business with any occupational health queries then please complete the below enquiry form.

Visit the D4Health website here: