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Complete D4 Medical/PCV Medical includes:

Eyetest, D4 driver medical form and Complimentary Diabetes Check

Since 2013 D4Drivers has been providing HGV medicals, PCV medicals and occupational health services to individual drivers, HGV training providers and haulage/bus companies. In autumn 2013 we noticed that Group 2 drivers were not getting value for money from their GP’s when getting a mandatory D4 driver medical simply to continue in their jobs. In addition drivers would often have to wait up to 3 weeks before getting a simple driver medical & the eye test wasn’t included!

We thought that this was unfair and realised that by providing an easy, premium and convenient service we would be able to reduce the costs to drivers, building a nationwide HGV medical clinic network and successful brand in the process.

D4Drivers has the largest network of Doctors and clinics providing HGV/PCV D4 medicals across Great Britain and Northern Ireland. We are now the first choice medical provider for Group 2 drivers in the United Kingdom examining over 9000 drivers a month.

Medical standards required for drivers of Group 2 vehicles, such as lorries, buses and minibuses, are higher than those required for driving cars or motorcycles. In order to meet the required standards to allow drivers to carry on their employment, the medical examination report (D4) is essential.

Does my D4 Medical Assessments include an eye test?

Medical examination reports (D4) for drivers now include vision assessments that are required to be completed by suitably qualified professionals. We make sure that your driver medical includes the vision test (if required), so you won’t have to pay an optician for a separate vision test and have to suffer any unnecessary delay. However, please note that if your vision is borderline or a ‘fail’, in the interests of road safety our doctor will refer you to your optician to have this section of the form completed.

When is a D4 driver medical required?

Driver medicals for Group 2 licences are required in the following circumstances:

  • This is your first application for a Group 2 licence. This includes small and medium sized lorries, full sized lorries, buses and minibuses.
  • You are applying to renew your Group 2 entitlement at 45. From 45 on, a D4 will be needed every 5 years until you are 65 when it will be needed every year. There are some exceptions to this but you should always go by the date on column 11 on the back of your driving licence.
  • You are under 70, hold a medically restricted car licence and held this licence before 1 January 1997 and wish to apply for C1 or C1/D1 entitlement (vehicles between 3500kG and 7500kG and/or a maximum of 16 passenger seats).
  • You are applying for a new Group 2 provisional entitlement and a D4 has not been submitted in the last 12 months.
  • You are an EU/EEA driving licence holder whose authority to drive Group 2 in Great Britain has run out
  • You are 70 and still need your C1 and D1 entitlement. You will need to send in a D4 every 3 years

What other aspects are checked in a driver medical?

Aside from assessing eyesight, there are several other medical standards that are required for drivers of Group 2 vehicles. Epilepsy or being liable to epileptic attacks, seizures, diabetes, and several other medical conditions, all form part of the assessment and require certain medical guidelines to be met in order to be eligible for a Group 2 licence.

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