Low Cost, Local HGV Medicals (Includes Eye Test)

Your full HGV medical including the eye test is only £55 with D4Drivers at any of our 80+ clinics nationwide.

You must undertake a medical to obtain your provisional category C licence. A renewal HGV medical is required at 45 and subsequently every 5 years until it becomes an annual requirement from 65. There can be exceptions to this rule though and you should always check the date in column 11 on the back of your driving licence. For renewals DVLA will also send you renewal paperwork by post 56 days before your licence expiry.

Our Doctors are experienced in completing DVLA D4 driver medicals and ensure you receive a cost efficient, convenient service to suit you, which is why we offer short notice appointments and weekend sessions at every clinic location.

Why choose D4Drivers?

There are three reasons why first time and returning HGV drivers visit our Doctors for your HGV medical; time, money and quality of service. If you visit your own GP for the D4 medical you will expect to pay over the odds and face a lengthy wait, you’ll also have to pay an optician for the vision test.

At D4Drivers your HGV medical is only £55, includes the eye test, and most drivers are seen within a week. You’ll also be examined by a Doctor on our panel who specialises in completing D4 driver medicals, running clinics dedicated to drivers.

Aside from being the largest driver medical provider in the UK trusted by over 9,000 drivers a month, D4Drivers puts HGV drivers first, offering appointments to suit you, including evenings and weekends.

What’s involved in the D4 Medical?

Our Doctor will complete your full D4 medical during the examination. Your medical consists of an eyesight test using a Snellen chart, blood pressure checks to ensure your BP meets DVLA criteria and a questionnaire regarding your medical history.

For the vision requirement, you must meet 6/7.5 in one eye and 6/60 in the other on a 3 metre snellen chart. If you do wear driving glasses or lenses, you should bring these along with your current prescription to the assessment.

Your medical assessment will also include checks for other standards that need to be met by drivers of Group 2 vehicles. You will be asked questions regarding a range of issues such as epilepsy, seizures, insulin treated diabetes, and many other forms of medical condition, in order  to ascertain if you meet the conditions not to be refused for a Group 2 licence.

Our doctor will complete your D4 form based on the answers you provide relating to your medical history, medications and the findings of your examination. The whole process of carrying out a HGV medical should usually take around 10-20 minutes but this does depend on your health and medical history.

How often do i need a HGV medical?

The DVLA require existing lorry drivers to have a medical at the following intervals

  • at the age of 45
  • then every five years until the age of 65
  • after 65, the medical has to be completed every year
  • a medical examination needs to be carried out for everyone before they can apply for a provisional HGV licence

How will I know when I need a HGV medical?

You will usually receive a reminder letter, together with a D4 medical form, a few weeks before your medical is due so be sure to get booked in with D4Drivers. You will also be able to tell when your medical is due  according to the xpiry date on the back of your HGV licence.

To make things easier for you and book your HGV driver medical, call 0300 30 30 668 or book online now.

What will I need?

Please Bring to your D4 medical:

  • D4 Medical Form
  • Photo ID
  • Your driving glasses/contact lenses & prescription
  • Details of any ongoing medical conditions plus any medication you are taking

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