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ACU Motorcycle Medical

When applying for an ACU motorcycle licence you may need a medical depending on your health, age and whether you are racing internationally. D4Drivers’ Doctors complete medicals for all ACU licences.

What is an ACU Motorcycle medical?

Anyone wishing to start motorcycle racing in either Road Racing or any Off Road discipline, needs an appropriate ACU competition licence for which they have to complete an application form. Depending on a number of health and other factors, you could be required to have a medical or an eye test in support of your application. 

When is a medical examination required?

Depending on health, age or type of licence, the ACU (Auto Cycle Union) requires applicants for a licence to have a medical before applying for, or renewing their licence. Normally most people do not need to have a medical to obtain an ACU Road Racing Licence if they are relatively fit and without medical issues.

The ACU Competition licence form contains a section (Section 3) which asks questions about a range of medical issues to assess your suitability for a licence. This includes matters relating to fits, epilepsy, blackouts, dizziness, vertigo, strokes, blood pressure, diabetes, illnesses and other health matters. Depending on your responses to some of these, you may be required to have a medical. 

Those who are 70 or over are automatically required to have a medical and you are required to have an eye sight test every three years and annually after you reach 55 years old.

Can You Visit Any Doctor For Your Medical?

Most people are led to believe only their own GP can carry out the ACU medical examination, meaning they have to pay over the odds and endure a near month wait. This is not the case however, any fully GMC registered Doctor can carry out the ACU medical exam. D4Drivers already complete over 5000 driver medicals a month, helping simplify the licence application and renewal process.

What’s Involved In The ACU Medical?

Our Doctor will complete your full ACU medical which consists of an eyesight test using a Snellen chart, blood pressure checks to ensure your BP meets ACU criteria, diabetes screening through urine sample, and a questionnaire regarding your medical history.

Why choose D4Drivers for your ACU motorcycle medical?

While you can get your medical done through your own GP, this can often end up costing you more than £100. We make the whole process of getting an ACU motorcycle medical easy for you with a cost-effective solution for just £75. Unlike some other medical assessment providers, our medicals also include the eye test.

By choosing D4Drivers, you avoid any unnecessary delay by making sure you have everything in order to get your ACU licence processed. We can get you booked in for your medical appointment so you don’t have to wait several weeks, like you might have to if you were to go to your own GP for your medical assessment.

Book your ACU motorcycle medical appointment at a time convenient to you by calling 0300 30 30 668 or book online now.

What do I need?

Please Bring to your Medical:

  • Medical Form (specific to your medical)
  • Photo ID
  • Your driving glasses/contact lenses & prescription
  • Details of any ongoing medical conditions plus any medication you are taking
  • Medical records where required

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