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Frequently Asked Questions

Any queries regarding the D4 medical or our services can be found here

About the D4 medical

What is a D4 medical?

The D4 medical is an examination that consists of an eyesight test using a snellen chart, blood pressure checks to ensure your BP meets the given criteria, and a questionnaire regarding your medical history. All to ensure you meet the DVLA group 2 standard.

Who can complete the D4 medical?

Any Doctor who holds full registration with the GMC (General Medical Council) and is licensed to practise medicine in the UK, can complete the DVLA D4 Driver Medical. This can be your own GP or a private firm like D4Drivers whose Doctors specialise in D4 medicals. Additionally EU registered Doctors can complete the D4 medical for drivers who have the medical completed outside the UK.

We strongly advise booking your medical with a reputable provider with doctors experienced in completing driver medicals.

How is the D4 medical completed?

As part of the D4 medical examination, you will be required to complete an eyesight test and undergo a blood pressure check. There will also be a brief questionnaire about your medical history.

For the eyesight test, if you wear glasses you must bring your optical prescription. The minimum requirement to passing this test, is reaching 6/7.5 in the better eye and 6/60 in the worse eye on a snellen chart. If our doctor records that you do not meet the standard, we will ask you to visit your optician for this section to be completed, in the interest of road safety.

As part of the blood pressure check, you must meet the DVLA group 2 standard. The limit for your blood pressure is 179/99, which means that if you consistently have systolic blood pressure greater than 179, or diastolic blood pressure greater than 99, you will not meet DVLA group 2 standard. We offer re-tests at a later date, to those who do not pass the medical due to a high blood pressure reading.

If there are no serious health concerns when answering the questionnaire on your medical history, then this part of the examination will not impede on you passing your medical.

How do I book a D4 medical?

You can book your medical online through our booking system:

Alternatively, you can book over the phone by calling us:
0300 3030 668.

About our services

How can I find my nearest clinic for a driver medical?

You can find your nearest clinic on our locations page, please follow the link here.

What other driver medicals are provided?

Alongside the D4 medical, our services also cover:

  • Taxi Medicals
  • Forklift Medicals
  • Ambulance Driver Medicals
  • Crane Operator Medicals
  • Motorhome Medicals

We also offer a bespoke service to businesses in Driver Screening. To find out more about this service, click here.

Where can I get paperwork for my driver medical?

See our page where you can download a copy of the relevant form here.

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