Driver Medical Frequently Asked Questions

Our medical team have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about our service below. For COVID-19 specific FAQs click here.

Who can complete a DVLA D4 Driver Medical?

Any Doctor who holds full registration with the GMC (General Medical Council) and is licensed to practise medicine in the UK can complete the DVLA D4 Driver Medical. This can be your own GP or a private firm like D4Drivers whose Doctors specialise in D4 medicals. Additionally EU registered Doctors can complete the D4 medical for drivers who have the medical completed outside the UK.

Where can I get a DVLA D4 Driver Medical Form From?

All our doctors carry copies of the D4 medical form, however we always advise bringing your own copy to your appointment just to be on the safe side, you can get a copy of the the D4 medical form here:

  • Download the D4 medical off our website here.
  • Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic you could order your pack from here by post:

Where can I get a D2 or D47P Form from?

We cannot issue D2 forms. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic you could order your pack from here by post:, please re-visit this page for DVLA updates.

Alternatively some post offices stock D2 forms or failing that your local HGV/PCV training school should have spare copies. If you are renewing your group 2 licence you will be sent a D47P renewal form from DVLA, this is only available by post.

Will the doctor help me complete the D2 or D47P form?

Whilst the doctor completes the D4 medical for you, to reduce the costs you will need to complete the D2 form yourself. For more information on how to complete your D2 or D47P form please visit the DVLA website.

What happens during a driver medical assessment?

The doctor will examine you in accordance with the requirements of the relevant D4 Medical Form.

During the medical our Doctor will:

  • Complete an eye test (if you wear glasses/ contact lenses, one test without and one test whilst you’re wearing them)
  • Record your blood pressure
  • List on the D4 Form any medication you’re currently taking
  • Ask about your previous medical history (these questions are on the form and are compulsory).
  • Test your urine for diabetes – We have removed the complimentary diabetes screening for hygiene reasons and to minimise patient/Doctor contact during COVID-19. Please note this will not affect your medical and was only an added extra we offered.

Once the medical is completed you sign the back page to confirm you have given the correct information to the Doctor and you must then check you are happy the form is fully completed and correct before ticking at the end of the form. This is very important as if there are mistakes or omissions the form is returned to you by DVLA who deem this the driver’s responsibility.
Once you have posted the form to DVLA they make a decision on fitness, they will either accept your application or reject it and explain why.

How long does a medical take?

It is difficult to give an exact amount of time for how long a D4 medical will take. For someone with a non-eventful medical history and who is relatively fit and healthy the medical will be shorter in duration than for someone who has a complex medical history and/or current medical conditions, for example repeat blood pressure checks may be required. On average the medical takes approximately 10-15 minutes and we allow at least a 15 minute slot per medical which is longer than your average NHS GP consultation.

Does the D4 Medical Include an eye test?

Yes, it does. If you do wear contact lenses when driving please do not wear them for your medical examination.

How far in advance do I need to book a driver medical?

We always try to see drivers quickly and at times to suit you so there is no need to take time off work but our clinics are very popular so please get in touch as soon as possible. Call us on 0300 3030 668, email or book online and we will be able to offer you a range of appointments at your closest centre(s), including on evenings and weekends.

Is there anything that I need to bring to my appointment?

Below is a list of the six items you will need to bring to the doctor for your driver medical assessment:

  1. D4 Medical Form (or form relating to the medical you have booked)
  2. Driving licence (or passport if your licence is currently with DVLA or lost)
  3. Your driving glasses and optical prescription (contact lenses must be removed for the ‘uncorrected vision’ eye test);
  4. A list of all your current medication, the dosages and the dates you began taking them
  5. Any hospital letters or details of hospital consultants who are treating you;
  6. A urine sample– We have removed the complimentary diabetes screening for hygiene reasons and to minimise patient/Doctor contact during COVID-19. Please note this will not affect your medical and was only an added extra we offered.

The medical form requires medical information from you in detail so please bring as much information as possible so that our Doctor can fully complete the form.

Can I have a receipt for my accountant or employer?

Of course, we email a VAT receipt out alongside your appointment confirmation.

Once I’ve sent the form off how long before I get my updated licence back?

During COVID-19 DVLA have advised that there are longer waiting times due to many of their staff working from home, but they are prioritising applications from key workers like HGV/PCV drivers.

Prior to COVID-19 DVLA advised you should allow 2-3 weeks however they have previously confirmed in a Freedom Of Information request that over 99% of cases are dealt with within a week- but we always advise allowing 3 weeks.

How Long Does The D4 Medical Last For?

The DVLA D4 medical form is valid for 4 months from the date of the Doctor’s signature (ie date of D4 form completion), so you must send the paperwork in to DVLA within 4 months of your medical for it to be accepted, for group 2 licence categories to be added to your licence or renewed. Please note this does not mean you must pass your HGV/PCV theory or practical driving test within 4 months.

If this is your first application, when you receive your licence back from DVLA with the additional provisional categories these are available to view online and will not show on your physical photocard driving licence.

If I have suffered from mental health issues can I still pass a D4 medical?

The DVLA Guidelines state that if you are to drive a commercial vehicle you must be between 6 months and 3 years clear of mental breakdown. The time depends upon the severity of the condition e.g. Schizophrenia generally has a wait time of 3 years whereas Anxiety attack would only be 6 months.

If there is a question we haven’t answered please call us free on 0300 3030 668.

Can I book my medical now?

YES!, please go to now to book your medical online or call us on 0300 3030 668.

All Clinics and Appointments Going Ahead During Lockdown

D4Drivers will continue to provide our vital driver medical service to our customers during the current lockdowns in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

As we fall under the Government's list of key workers and help keep HGV and PCV drivers, as well as taxi drivers and paramedics on the road we will remain fully open throughout the lockdowns. You are still able to attend medical appointments during these restrictions, as confirmed by

All of our clinics are going ahead with additional safety precautions in place. You can feel safe in the knowledge that when you attend your appointment with D4Drivers extra precautions have been taken to ensure you are in a COVID safe environment, including regular cleaning of all surfaces and equipment and strict PPE and social distancing measures.