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Forklift Medical

D4Drivers provide FLT medicals for just £75 at over 100 locations nationwide including evenings and weekends to suit your business needs.

We are trusted by over 10,000 drivers a month to deliver medicals for both individuals and businesses. Our network of doctors are all GMC registered and experienced in completing the specific medicals forms.

Do you require a medical?

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) does not specify a strict requirement for a medical examination for forklift drivers. However, it is recommended that forklift drivers who undertake more strenuous activities, such as driving at night or transporting hazardous waste, should undergo a medical examination to the same standard as group 2 drivers.

At D4Drivers, we offer medical examinations to both group 1 and 2 standards based on the specific needs of the employee. Upon passing the examination, our doctor will issue a certificate of fitness which is sent by email within two working days and can be kept on record for the employee.

It is essential for forklift drivers to undergo a medical examination, particularly if they work in demanding environments or handle toxic or hazardous materials. Additionally, working night shifts can increase stress levels for drivers, making a FLT medical even more important for protecting the safety of the driver and other employees.

What’s involved in the medical?

Our doctors will conduct a comprehensive examination and issue a certificate of medical fitness that is signed and dated, indicating that you have met the necessary medical standards. The examination will include:

Blood pressure readings

Vision and field of vision test

A detailed questionnaire on medical history

Upon completion of the assessment, our doctors will issue a certificate of medical fitness, signed and dated, to confirm that the required medical standard has been met.

Why choose D4Drivers for your forklift medical?

For only £65, our forklift driver medical offers great value. We understand the importance of a fast and efficient service for qualified forklift drivers who need to demonstrate to their employers that they are physically capable of safely operating a forklift on the job.

Our streamlined process makes completing your medical assessment a breeze, with minimal waiting time. Our FLT medical is just as comprehensive as that required for HGV drivers, providing your employer with the assurance that you are fit and capable of safely operating a forklift.

Book an FLT medical appointment at a time convenient to you by booking online now or calling 0300 3030 668. Please note that we can’t accept bookings through our online chat.

What do I need to bring to my medical?

Photographic ID

Glasses and prescription

Medical history (if needed)

Current medication (if any)

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