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D4Drivers and Logistics UK have joined forces to improve health and well-being in the logistics industry. A range of services are available for Logistics UK business members including discounted driver medicals, employee health checks and COVID-19 testing, as well as pay as you go occupational health support.

DVLA D4 Medicals For Lorry, Bus & Coach Drivers

Over the last 10 years many NHS GP surgeries have stopped offering HGV/PCV medicals due to their rising workload, an issue exacerbated by COVID-19. This has left businesses finding it difficult to source medical appointments for their drivers.

D4Drivers have steadily grown our network of doctors and clinics since 2013 and we now examine 10,000 drivers a month at over 85 locations, making us the UK’s largest provider of driver medicals. Due to the popularity of our service we are able to offer regular clinics on evenings and weekends dedicated to professional drivers who need their medical for their vocational licence.

In our experience many hauliers and logistics companies have already identified the need to centralise their process for drivers’ medicals but have struggled to find a reputable provider who can provide an all-in-one solution. That is why over the last decade we have developed our service specifically to meet the requirements of a number of commercial clients, including offering them discounted rates, a standardised price across all of our locations, a company log-in to book drivers’ medicals using our bespoke appointment system, and a number of other features as part of our business packages.

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Driver Screening- Available For All Driving Staff

Did you know a professional driver can go 27 years without a medical? This is because drivers who gain their entitlement at 18 will not have a medical again until they are 45, and even in their 40’s and 50’s drivers are only having a medical every 5 years. However in that same period, the driver’s vehicle will be undergoing daily checks for defects and roadworthiness.

A rising number of transport businesses have recognised that this gap in the driver medical system exposes them as an employer to potential insurance risks and costly health related incidents whilst their drivers are behind the wheel.

Our driver screening service, using DVLA group 2 medical guidelines, helps you identify health conditions earlier and take action to support your driving staff to remain fit and healthy in work. It also provided confirmation that your driver continues to meet the DVLA medical standards for safe driving. It is up to you how regularly driver screening takes place but from a medical point of view an annual assessment is recommended.

Driver screening is also available for company car and van drivers who under current legislation require no medical examination whatsoever to drive. It can be argued that this category of driver poses a higher risk than their lorry or bus driving counterparts due to lack of regulation such as tachographs, meaning there is no limit on the number of hours or miles they can drive in a day.

By evidencing that your driving staff are undergoing a regular screening you can demonstrate that your business is compliant with health and safety regulations and if the worst happens and your driver is involved in a collision, you know that you have done all you can to prevent it from a medical point of view.

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Forklift Driver Medicals- Carried Out To HSE Standards

There is no legal requirement for forklift drivers to be trained or undergo a periodic medical but according to HSE (Health and Safety Executive) employers are responsible for ensuring that forklift (FLT) drivers are sufficiently trained and risk assessed to make certain that they are fit to drive ‘rider operated lift trucks’.

HSE are not prescriptive about the need for medical assessments but their advice is that if an employer chooses to medically screen its drivers, DVLA guidance should be followed. They recommend that most FLT work falls under group 1 category (car/motorcycle) but that group 2 standards should be met for more strenuous work such as night working and transporting hazardous materials.

Our medical advice is that all FLT drivers should meet group 2 standard and as such our medicals are completed using group 2 DVLA guidelines, which means as an employer you can be confident that your forklift operators meet this higher standard of fitness when behind the wheel of a forklift.

D4Drivers’ group 2 medicals consist of blood pressure checks, vision assessment and a detailed medical history questionnaire, and for each driver who meets the Group 2 standard, a fitness certificate is produced as evidence of their result.

We provide forklift medicals through our nationwide clinic network but our doctors can also visit your site if you have multiple drivers who require assessments.

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Employee Health Checks- Delivered On-site

In a day and age where there is an increased emphasis on health and safety, responsible employers are learning that health checks are important not just for driving staff but for all employees. Many employers already ask driving and non-driving staff to complete medical questionnaires prior to employment, this is a step in the right direction but self declaration falls short of a comprehensive health check.

Employee health checks assist you in maintaining a healthy work force, and importantly they demonstrate to your employees that you have a genuine interest in their health and well-being, at a time when it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to access primary healthcare services such as their GP.

Through our sister company Summerfield Healthcare, we offer comprehensive health checks to Logistics UK members at a discounted rate. Experienced in delivering health checks ‘on-site’, our nurse led team will visit your workplace at your convenience, minimising disruption to your working day. We can send a clinician to you anywhere across the UK within 14 days to complete staff health assessments (min. 10) and each staff member will receive a personalised health report detailing their results.

We offer advanced and premium health checks which include blood pressure checks, diabetes, cardiovascular risk assessment, a mental health screening and much more starting from £99. By using a traffic light system, we identify which areas of a candidate’s health should be improved, then offer guidance and advice in order to help them achieve this.

Look after your workforce and be proactive in improving their health and wellbeing with our health check service:

Pay As You Go Remote Occupational Health Assessments

We recognise that maintaining the health and wellbeing of everyone who works in the freight transport industry is essential, especially since the significant pressure that many of these workers have been placed under due to the impact of COVID=19 and the Brexit transition on supply chains.

However when profit margins are being squeezed it is often some of the occupational health provision that would otherwise support staff to remain healthy and in work which gets cut first.  

As part of Logistics UK Health and Wellbeing, D4Drivers’ sister company My Occ Health is providing members with an alternative occupational health service.

By offering our services on a pay-as-you go basis with no retainer or contract, we enable businesses to access occupational health as and when they need it, and ensure that they aren’t paying for it when they don’t. With a 48 hour turnaround for management referrals and clear pricing, Logistics UK members will be able access the concise and prompt advice that we offer, and support their employees back into work in the shortest possible time.

MyOccHealth’s popularity stems from its flexibility, ease of access and fitting around your employees’ working hours. This is especially important in the logistics industry where hours are typically longer than your average 9-5.

To refer an employee,  simply complete our referral form, and a member of our team will arrange everything, including scheduling an appointment by telephone or skype with one of our clinicians, and providing you with the completed report.

COVID-19 PCR Testing

The vast majority of us have needed a COVID-19 test at some point or another since the pandemic first hit the UK in early 2020.

COVID-19 PCR tests are now a legal requirement when you return from abroad and our sister company Summerfield Healthcare is a gov.uk listed testing provider able to offer the following services:

  • Day 2 testing- For persons returning from ‘non red list’ countries who are fully vaccinated.
  • Day 2 and 8 testing- For persons returning from ‘non red list’ countries who are not fully vaccinated.
  • Test to release- Optional test taken on day 5 of your return to the UK to end your isolation early (if you were required to isolate depending on your vaccination status and where you are returning from).
  • General COVID-19 testing- Although not a UK legal requirement, tests are often mandatory to prove you are ‘fit to fly’, a requirement usually of airlines or the country you are travelling to.

We provide all of these PCR tests at a discounted rate to Logistics UK members. Our COVID-19 PCR test kits are sent next day delivery and we offer prompt turnaround on all results in partnership with our UKAS accredited lab. We also run a regular courier service from our Shrewsbury and Wolverhampton clinics directly to the lab. Please note we cannot provide tests outside of the UK.

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