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Logistics UK & D4Drivers Health Partnership

D4Drivers and Logistics UK have joined forces to improve health and well-being in the logistics industry. A range of services are available for Logistics UK business members including discounted driver and forklift medicals and employee health checks.

DVLA D4 Medicals For Lorry, Bus & Coach Drivers

Logistics UK are proud to offer our new service; Driver Medicals powered by D4Drivers, the UK’s largest supplier of driver medicals with over 95 locations nationwide.

Why use us to book your driver medicals?  

– Booking your own or your driver’s medical is now quick and easy – there’s no need to wait for weeks to see your GP. In fact, many GP surgeries are no longer offering this service at all.
– Members can book discounted HGV medicals at any of our 95 locations nationwide using our quick and easy online booking system.

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Driver Screening- Available For All Driving Staff

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Did you know a professional driver can go 27 years without a medical? This is because drivers who gain their entitlement at 18 will not have a medical again until they are 45, and even in their 40’s and 50’s drivers are only having a medical every 5 years. However in that same period, the driver’s vehicle will be undergoing daily checks for defects and roadworthiness.

Our driver screening service, using DVLA group 2 medical guidelines, helps you identify health conditions earlier and take action to support your driving staff to remain fit and healthy in work. It also provided confirmation that your driver continues to meet the DVLA medical standards for safe driving. It is up to you how regularly driver screening takes place but from a medical point of view an annual assessment is recommended.

Whilst most employers are aware of the need to check vehicles regularly for defects and to have them serviced, very few are checking that the person driving the vehicle remains healthy. Our driver screening assessment is based on the tried and tested D4 medical required by HGV drivers and uses the Group 2 guidelines to determine whether a driver meets the professional standard for driving.

Enquire below for more information about our driver screening service.

Forklift Driver Medicals- Carried Out To HSE Standards

According to HSE (Health and Safety Executive) employers are responsible for ensuring that forklift (FLT) drivers are sufficiently trained and risk assessed to make certain that they are fit to drive ‘rider operated lift trucks’.

HSE are not prescriptive about the need for medical assessments but their advice is that if an employer chooses to medically screen its drivers, DVLA guidance should be followed. They recommend that most FLT work falls under group 1 category (car/motorcycle) but that group 2 standards should be met for more strenuous work such as night working and transporting hazardous materials.

Our medical advice is that all FLT drivers should meet group 2 standard and as such our medicals are completed using group 2 DVLA guidelines, which means as an employer you can be confident that your forklift operators meet this higher standard of fitness when behind the wheel of a forklift.

D4Drivers’ group 2 medicals consist of blood pressure checks, vision assessment and a detailed medical history questionnaire, and for each driver who meets the Group 2 standard, a fitness certificate is produced as evidence of their result.

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