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Taxi Driver Medicals – Local Private Hire & Hackney Carriage

Everyone requires a group 2 taxi driver medical in order to drive taxis

under any local authority, whether you are applying for a first badge or renewing based on your age.

D4Drivers provide taxi medicals nationwide at times to suit you.

What is a taxi driver medical?

A taxi driver medical is an assessment that all drivers must pass before being granted their licence to operate. The tests are carried out to ensure that taxi drivers are in good enough health to safely drive a private hire vehicle or hackney carriage on public roads. Following the medical, depending on the council requirements our doctor may be required to determine whether you meet group 2 standards.

Approved Medical Provider

D4Drivers is an approved provider across many councils in the UK while also holding many sole contracts. D4Drivers deliver our high standard of medical service on a regular basis and its through this we have build such a strong reputation. You can be confident when booking your taxi medical with D4Drivers that you are booking with a reputable provider.

What’s involved in your medical?

The medical consists of an eyesight test, blood pressure checks to ensure your BP meets council criteria and a questionnaire regarding your medical history. Our doctor will review your medical records in line with council requirements, some councils require full medical records while others simply require a summary and this will dictate whether the appointment is 15 or 30 minutes.

Our doctor may not make a fitness decision there and then and there may be additional checks and time required, for example, if you have suffered from a previous medical condition related to the heart, in which case an Echocardiogram (ECG) may be required. Please remember that councils have adopted group 2 guidelines but often do not have the infrastructure to deal with follow up’s such as an ECG, and you will be expected to arrange this yourself if it is deemed necessary.

What medical conditions could affect my application?

There are many medical conditions that could affect your ability to pass a taxi driver test, and each would need to be taken into consideration by the GP carrying out your assessment. Some of the medical conditions that are relevant and could prevent you passing a medical examination include epilepsy, insulin treated diabetes, poor vision, heart problems, strokes, blackouts, head injuries, and a progressive degenerative illness. Certain prescribed medications may also prove problematic when it comes to the taxi driver medical assessment.

It is possible that some of the conditions may have been in the past, so it is possible you could still pass the taxi driver medical examination, for example, if you had a stroke that you have recovered from without any remaining impairment. Each and every case is treated on an individual basis and on its own merits by our doctors, so it is still possible you could pass if you have had medical issues or have previously failed a medical assessment.

Book your taxi driver medical appointment at a time convenient to you by calling 0300 30 30 668 or book online now.

What do I need?

Please Bring to your Medical:

  • Medical Form (specific to your medical)
  • Photo ID
  • Your driving glasses/contact lenses & prescription
  • Details of any ongoing medical conditions plus any medication you are taking
  • Medical records where required

Are you a business booking multiple appointments?

D4Drivers were very helpful over the phone when I needed advice and info about my Taxi Medical. Booking was super quick and easy and I saved £100 in comparison to my local GP! Thank you D4Drivers!

SW, TrustPilot

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