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What should I bring to my medical?

The following items MUST be brought with you to your appointment. There are some items which you may not have and need to obtain prior to your appointment so please contact us immediately if you anticipate any issues obtaining any of these.

  • D4 Medical Form: You can access the latest version of the D4 Medical Form (VERSION 02/23) for download here. While your doctor may have copies, availability cannot be guaranteed.
  • Identification: Please bring a valid driving license or passport for identification purposes.
  • Driving Glasses: If you use glasses specifically for driving, remember to bring them along. If you usually wear contact lenses, please remove them before the examination.
  • Optical Prescription: If you wear glasses for driving, it’s essential to bring your optical prescription. This allows our doctor to accurately record the strength of your lenses. You can obtain this prescription from your optician.
  • Details of Medications: If you’re regularly taking any medications, it’s important for us to know the names, dosages, and when you started taking them. This information is crucial for the examination.

Please note, we will not hold a record of your completed medical form. For any questions in relation to your appointment, please contact us on 03003030668

Cardiac investigations and serious medical conditions

If you have undergone cardiac investigations in the past, received significant hospital treatment for any other serious medical conditions, or are currently under the care of a consultant, please bring along any relevant details. The examining doctor may require this information to complete the form accurately.

The DVLA requires that drivers with a history of cardiovascular disease will require functional cardiac testing with an Exercise ECG Test, otherwise known as an Exercise Tolerance Test (ETT). Cardiovascular disease would include any of the following;

Any past history of suspected or confirmed Angina, heart attack, strokes and TIA (ministrokes) or vascular disease.

The DVLA would need to be made aware of these conditions by the driver, and the assessing D4 doctor would follow this guidance in your driving assessment. Usually, an ETT would be required every 3 years, to meet group 2 driving standards. It would be the responsibility of the driver to organise the ETT test unless this was being organised by the DVLA in cases of HGV/PCV drivers”

Blood pressure medication

If you are taking medication for hypertension (blood pressure), such as Ramipril, Amlodipine, Doxazosin, etc., it is essential that you provide three blood pressure readings taken on different days prior to your appointment. Additionally, please bring photographic evidence of these readings. It’s important to note that these readings do not require authentication by your GP.

Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD):

If you have a heart condition called Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD), it’s essential to undergo certain tests like an Exercise Tolerance Test (ETT) and an echocardiogram every three years. While this might not apply to everyone, we’ve noticed that many drivers may not be aware of these requirements. To ensure you’re up to date, please ensure that you have had a ETT and an Echocardiogram done, within the last three years and bring your results to the appointment.


If you’re managing diabetes and are on medications like insulin, gliclazide, or repaglinide, there are specific steps you need to take to ensure you’re fit to drive safely. You’ll need a letter from a diabetes specialist confirming that your blood sugar levels have been regularly monitored over the past six weeks and that you have full awareness of hypoglycaemia.

Language barriers

If you have difficulty communicating in English, please bring a person who is fluent in English and can assist with translation to ensure a smooth medical examination process. Please note that we do not offer translation services, and we cannot be held responsible for medical examinations that cannot be completed due to language barriers.

Cancel or rearrange

To cancel or rearrange your appointment, we kindly ask for a minimum of 3 working days‘ notice prior to your scheduled appointment. Refunds will not be issued for cancellations made with less than 3 working days’ notice or for missed appointments. If you need to make changes to your booking, please contact us by phone at 03003030668; email or text notifications will not be accepted.