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Where can I get a D4 medical form?

One of the things you will need at your D4Drivers medical is a D4 form – the documentation our doctor will complete in support of your application for a licence. It’s something we advise you to bring with you on the day, so where do you get one from?

Experienced drivers will be aware of the whole medical process but the procedure may not be as clear to those seeking their first HGV licence or applying for your first renewal at 45, so let us talk you through it!

The requirements

Medicals play an essential part in keeping our roads safe, helping to show that drivers are fit and meet the required standards. If applying for your first Group 2 licence, you will need a D2 application form which you must complete and a D4 medical form which will be completed by our doctor at your appointment.

If renewing your Group 2 licence, the DVLA will send you your D4 medical form along with a D47P renewal form – which replaces the need for the D2 application form. The D2 form may still be used for your licence renewal if you lose your D47P renewal form.

Where do I get the medical forms?

Our doctors carry D4 forms with them but we always ask you to get your own form and bring it along to your appointment – just to ensure there will be a D4 form available to be completed at your medical.

The D4 medical form can be downloaded from our website quickly and easily or you can order your D2 and D4 medical form pack from the DVLA. You can obtain a D4 form from some post offices but we advise against this as they may stock older versions of the form which DVLA may no longer accept.

Who completes the forms?

Our doctor completes the D4 medical form, including the vision assessment (unless we refer you to your optician for this section of the form to be filled out). It is down to you to fill in your D2 application form or D47P renewal form in your own time, unfortunately our doctors are unable to assist with this but no involvement from a medical professional is required.

What will I need to bring to my medical?

Along with the appropriate forms, you will need to bring photo ID (driving licence or passport), glasses if you wear them and the optical prescription for your glasses, details of any medication you are taking and information about any hospital appointments and treatments.

During your medical, our doctor will check your blood pressure, carry out an eye test, and complete the medical history questionnaire, as well as noting your medication. The medical will normally take around 15 minutes although this may vary depending on the health of the candidate.

On completion, you will post your forms to DVLA and they will then decide whether to accept or refuse your application, or to conduct an investigation into whether to accept your application, this may involve DVLA writing to your own GP or requesting further tests with a specialist consultant in your area. Pre COVID-19 DVLA would process over 99%* of applications (*FOI request made in 2019) within 7 days, however at the time of writing (September 2021) there are lengthy delays due to the pandemic and industrial action taking place at DVLA’s office in Swansea.

Quick and easy

A D4Drivers medical could not be easier to arrange. It can be booked quickly online or you can call 0300 3030 668 and appointments can be carried out at times to suit you at convenient locations all over the country – it really is that easy!