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Will the HGV crisis in the UK affect healthcare?

Brexit has impacted the UK in multiple ways, from increasing costs for businesses to problems in the supply chain and other logistics-related issues. It also affected the workforce as many EU drivers had to move back to their countries and no longer be employed as a driver in the UK. At the same time, Covid has affected the workforce across the globe, affecting several markets.

Unfortunately, the healthcare industry is facing delivery challenges due to the increase in demand that the current lorry drivers are unable to meet. And the question arises: will the HGV crisis in the UK affect healthcare and the quality of service provided to patients? Keep on reading to find the answer to this question.

What is the HGV crisis in the UK?

The HGV or heavy goods vehicles crisis is affecting several industries in the UK. Experts are still studying the reasons behind this shortage, but they mostly attribute it to Covid and Brexit.

The lack of qualified drivers in the UK has left several industries without full access to fuel, meaning a failure to deliver essential goods to food stores, and even affected crucial medical devices and equipment delivery.

Many of these drivers weren’t British citizens and eventually moved back to their countries due to several factors. Here are some of the reasons that caused the HGV crisis

How is the HGV crisis affecting healthcare?

Combined with the shortage of qualified drivers, there was an increase in demand for medical services, medical equipment, and devices. But manufacturers were unable to fulfil this increasing demand because there were no drivers to deliver raw materials, components needed for manufacturing, or end products requested by doctors.

As the number of Covid cases increased, the NHS was requesting more medical supplies and equipment to offer a better healthcare service. Unfortunately, suppliers were left with no option but not to respond to all demand requests and to choose who to respond to.

How to solve the HGV crisis?

There are several suggested solutions to overcome the current consequences of the HGV crisis. Most of these solutions are industry-driven, while others involve pressuring the government to take action.

Wrap up

Several factors have contributed to the HGV crisis in the UK. Unfortunately, it’s affected every industry, including healthcare. However, the industry and government are currently taking steps to overcome this problem and make sure that medical supplies and equipment reach those in greatest need until this shortage is overcome.

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