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D4Drivers Donates to the RHA Benevolent Fund

The RHA and D4Drivers health partnership has been a huge success over recent years and the relationship between the two companies has been fantastic. It was through the health partnership that we were first introduced to the RHA Benevolent Fund. The core purpose of the fund being set up, is to give people a helping hand when needed. Hardship is inevitable and knowing that the support is there really resonated with D4Drivers, so we wanted to get behind and support the cause.

Who can use the fund?

The fund has helped hundreds of people in many ways over the years. It can be used for buying clothes, white goods, outstanding bills and medical equipment. The fund can also be used to finance training. Any drivers made redundant by RHA members can apply for a free day’s Driver CPC or an HGV driver medical to help them get back to work.

D4Drivers are very lucky to be in a position where we can make monthly donations to charities within the haulage and transport industry, starting off 2022 with this donation to the Benevolent Fund. We offer exclusive health and well-being support to RHA members so when the opportunity came to support them when the need arises, we jumped at the chance.

‘D4Drivers are incredibly proud and passionate about supporting the RHA Benevolent Fund. As a company, we see over 10,000 drivers for medicals each month and knowing they have support available to them if they fall on hard times, is paramount. The fund does amazing work, and we will continue to offer our support in any way we can.’

Robbie Kneale, Marketing Manager D4Drivers

For more information on this great charity and the work they do visit –

Spread the word 

We are encouraging RHA members to raise awareness of the fund amongst their staff and to help with this, we have created a poster to be printed and placed on notice boards across your organisation.

Remember, both individuals, sole traders and partnerships can make tax-free donations under the Gift Aid scheme.

The assets of the RHA Benevolent Fund are held in trust by elected trustees drawn from the RHA’s Board of Directors, the association’s regional councils and representatives from member companies. The finance department at the RHA’s head office in Peterborough administers the fund.

RHA Benevolent Fund – registered charity number 1082820