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ISO 9001 Certification

Quality service with a drive to succeed recognised

Striving for excellence and providing the best possible service for our clients is something D4Drivers has been doing successfully for the last seven years – and we have just taken that to the next level!

The unique service we offer in providing driver medicals and occupational health services has an enviable reputation across the country and managing what we do is of paramount importance to our success, that is why we are delighted to tell you about us being awarded ISO 9001 certification.

Why it’s important

As an organisation, we have continually strived to improve the quality of the service we provide in order for us to consistently meet customer expectations.

Our extensive work with commercial clients has highlighted the importance of a Quality Management System that meets the regulatory requirements of our industry, which is why we are proud to pass on the excellent news that we have achieved the International Organisation for Standardisation 9001 certification.

The recognition means we are quality managed – it’s a major achievement for D4Drivers and one which can only benefit the ongoing work we are involved with moving forward.

D4Drivers ISO 9001 Certified
D4Drivers’ ISO 9001 certificate

What it means for you

The accreditation took effect from the end of September 2020, cementing D4Drivers’ position as a market leader in driver medicals. With our Quality Management System now firmly in place, we are in the best possible position to deal with your business requirements and commercial contracts which require servicing by a reputable medical provider.

Being audited by an external company as part of our ISO 9001 certification has helped ensure D4Drivers is well managed and that this is reflected in the quality of service we offer both individual and commercial clients.

What happens now?

Regular follow-ups of our Quality Management System will be made in the future, meaning that for years to come you will be able to enjoy the confidence and reassurance of knowing that D4Drivers will continue to meet the high ISO 9001 standards expected by external auditors.

D4Drivers provides medicals and occupational health services to individual drivers and commercial companies across Great Britain. To find out more, contact our sales team