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Airside Medical

Your full Airside medical including the Ishihara and whisper test is only £75 with D4Drivers at any of our 100+ clinics nationwide.

What’s involved in the Airside medical?

When you undergo an Airside medical, you’ll undergo the same examination as a D4 medical to DVLA group 2 standards. Alongside this, you will also be required to take an Ishihara Colour Blind Test and a Forced Whisper Test.

Ishihara Colour Vision Test: This vision test is intended to detect red-green colour deficiencies. You’ll be presented with a number of images on Ishihara Plates, with each plate depicting a circle that comprises multiple dots in various colours and sizes. Inside this pattern, will be dots that form the shape of a number, which those with normal colour vision will be able to see. And invisible or hard to see for those with a red-green colour vision deficiency.

Forced Whisper Test: A simple sound test used to detect any hearing impairments. The doctor will stand at approximately an arm’s length behind you, in which they will then whisper a combination of numbers and letters. You will then be asked to repeat the sequence whispered by the doctor.

Based on your medical history, medications, and the results of your examination, our doctor will complete your D4 form and the two tests mentioned above, with the process taking around 15 minutes.

What do I need to bring to my medical?

Photographic ID

Glasses and prescription

Medical history (if applicable)

Current medication (if any)

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