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Motorhome Medical

If you passed your driving test before 1997 you automatically obtained this C1 licence through ‘grandfather rights’ but a medical is required when you turn 70 in order for you to retain C1 entitlements for another 3 years.

Unfortunately many drivers consider giving up their C1 licence at 70 as they believe the process of renewing to be costly and more complex that it actually is. D4Drivers will arrange for a GMC registered doctor to complete your medical at a time to suits you, in any of our 95 clinic locations for only £55, leaving you able to enjoy your motoring for another 3 years.

If you passed your driving test from January 1997 onwards you will need your D4 medical to apply for a C1 provisional licence, and subsequently train and pass the test to drive C1 vehicles (if your motorhome is over 3.5 tonne). This is because drivers who passed their test after 1996 do not automatically obtain a C1 licence.

Your Licence Explained

If you passed your driving test before 1st January 1997 you will be entitled to drive:

⦁ Category B- vehicle up to 3,500kg, with trailer up to 750kg Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM)

⦁ Category B+E- as above but with a trailer over 750kg

⦁ Category C1- vehicle between 3,500kg-7,500kg with trailer up to 750kg MAM.

⦁ Category C1E(107)- Vehicle between 3,500kg-7,500kg with trailer over 750kg. (107:Total weight must not exceed 8,250kg MAM).

Category C1 and C1E are known as grandfather rights and as mentioned above must be renewed at the age of 70 and every 3 years after this.

What’s Involved In The D4 Medical?

Our Doctor will complete your full D4 medical for only £55. Your medical consists of an eyesight test using a Snellen chart, blood pressure checks to ensure your BP meets DVLA criteria and a questionnaire regarding your medical history.

Your medical assessment will also include checks for other standards that need to be met by drivers of motorhomes and other similar sized vehicles. The questionnaire to be completed with the help of our doctor will cover a range of health and medical issues including epilepsy, seizures, diabetes, and several other medical conditions that may impair your ability to be in charge of a motorhome or other vehicle.

Our doctor will complete your D4 form based on the answers you provide relating to your medical history, medications and the findings of your examination. The whole process of carrying out a HGV medical should usually take around 10-20 minutes but this does depend on your health and medical history.

Why choose D4Drivers for your motorhome medical?

A C1 licence required to drive a motorhome and heavier vehicles is not a given for motorists once they reach the age of 70, at which point they are required to undertake a medical in order to continue to drive vehicles over 3.5 tonnes. We simplify the process by providing a cost-effective solution that gets it done for you in around 20 minutes.

Some of the benefits of getting a motorhome medical with D4Drivers include:

Save Money – Getting a DVLA D4 Medicals through your own GP can be costly, sometimes well in excess of £100. Compare this with our £55 fee, which also includes the eye test that others may not do.

⦁ Convenient and quick  – We can very quickly book you in for your medical appointment so you are not forced to wait several weeks, like you would have to with your own GP.

Book your motorhome driver medical appointment at a time that suits you by calling 0300 30 30 668 or book online now.

What do I need to bring to my medical?

Photographic ID

Glasses and prescription

Medical history (if needed)

Current medication (if any)

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