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Technology, productivity and saving time

In a world where the pace of life continues to accelerate at an incredible rate and time is precious, it’s comforting to know that it only takes 45 seconds to book a D4Drivers medical on the Motorway Buddy app!

Life in the 21st Century can be pretty frantic – even in recent times and under varying levels of restrictions. Technology is ever-evolving, high levels of productivity essential and anything which can be done to save time is eagerly seized upon.

Take some time to think about it!

We are all looking for ways of saving time and it comes as no surprise to learn that modern technology is reported to be saving the average person more than two weeks every year. Methods include:

A timely reminder

All of which brings us to Motorway Buddy and booking driver medicals. 

Drivers are on the road at all hours of the day and night, constantly trying to meet tight time deadlines – which is why they don’t want to spend long periods on the phone or online looking for the right company to book their medical.

The Motorway Buddy app is proving to be a vital service for anyone using the road, with information about traffic alerts, accident and crime hotspots, border controls and the many truckstops up and down the country – everything a driver needs to know all in one place, easy to access and quick to respond with the information you need.

It is also a quick and convenient way of booking that medical through a unique partnership between Motorway Buddy and D4Drivers – which means we are the only medical provider to offer the option of booking an HGV medical through a mobile app!

It’s quite simply the easiest and best way for drivers to book their medical at one of 85 locations nationwide at a time to suit them, including weekends and evenings. D4Drivers medicals are being trusted by more than 5,000 drivers each month – so you will be in good company!

Booking through the app means drivers are still assured of the same service that D4Drivers is respected for – and is a great way of using the best available technology while saving valuable time without compromising productivity!

Find out more about Motorway Buddy, here.

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