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The importance of being driver compliant

There’s more to professional driving than… well, driving! Procedures have to be followed and high standards achieved and maintained to ensure drivers who spend most of their life on the road are safe and compliant.

It’s an essential part of road safety for drivers, the transport companies they work for and those millions of other people using our transport networks. Compliance with the various rules and regulations is vital but are you up to date with the areas which affect you?

Compliance covers:

  • Health medicals
  • PSV and HGV inspections and walkarounds
  • Maintaining roadworthiness
  • Enforcement sanctions
  • Categorisation of vehicle defects
  • Guidance for drivers in relation to passenger-carrying

The Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency explains compliance management requirements on its website and our partner Motorway Buddy also has detailed information on driver-friendly compliance, including driver medicals, all in one place on its app.

Motorway Buddy employs widely used mobile phone technology to make it easy for drivers to become compliant – a valuable aid to ensure drivers and the transport companies they work for know exactly what is required at all times.

The Motorway Buddy app is a unique and valuable time-saving aid being accessed by thousands of drivers – with thousands more signing up every month – for information on all things driving and transport related, including details on all UK truckstops, live traffic alerts and Wi-Fi hotspots, accident and crime reports and UK border checks.

Driver health medicals

In partnership with D4Drivers, the app also allows drivers to book their all-important medical directly, meaning there is no longer a need to spend hours searching online sites for an appropriate HGV medical provider. 

It’s a simple, straightforward, stress-free way of booking an appointment to suit the driver at more than 85 locations across the country through Motorway Buddy, the first app of its kind. 

Our unique partnership with Motorway Buddy means D4Drivers is the only medical provider to offer drivers the option to book their HGV medical through a mobile app. Drivers using this new and innovative way of booking will still enjoy the same quick and easy booking process they will be used to with D4Drivers.