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National Cholesterol Month – a motivation for drivers!

October is National Cholesterol month – a great opportunity to raise awareness of the condition and remind people of the need to get it checked with a blood test.

We all need some cholesterol but having too much can lead to serious health problems and people are often more at risk because of the type of work they do, like professional drivers.

The nature of the job means lorry and bus drivers, and others who spend most of their time out on the road, can be sitting for hours in the same seated position, are unlikely to be getting enough exercise and are probably eating on the go, which generally means an unhealthy diet. 

Dr Vivake Roddah, our Medical Director, said:

“High cholesterol is a common problem, and with more than one in three adults in the UK having a borderline or raised cholesterol level, many are unaware they are affected. It is more common in those working in sedentary occupations such as vocational drivers and those who are overweight.

“Diagnosing high cholesterol is really important as it is a risk factor for many conditions including heart disease and strokes, but even conditions such as dementia and kidney disease.

“A simple blood test will help determine your total cholesterol level, and form a basis to have discussions with your doctor about the best strategies to tackle the problem, whether it be increasing physical activity, modifying dietary habits or combining these lifestyle measures with medication.

“Optimizing your health in this manner will reduce your risk of heart disease, strokes, and dementia which unfortunately remain leading causes of illness and death in the UK.”

Blood test is key

It’s important for all adults to have their cholesterol checked, whatever your age and regardless of how healthy you feel. There are no obvious signs of higher cholesterol levels and the only way to see that it is being kept under control is by having a simple blood test.

High cholesterol levels may be in your genes or due to your lifestyle and eating habits – but these aren’t hard and fast rules and cholesterol can affect anybody at any time. You are more at risk if you:

National Cholesterol Month runs throughout October and is a great motivator to check your cholesterol levels and make those lifestyle changes. Start today by booking that blood test!