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Driver Screening

Keep your workforce healthy and happy with driver screening from D4Drivers.

What is driver screening?

Whilst most employers are aware of the need to check vehicles regularly for defects and to have them serviced often, very few are checking that the person driving the vehicle remains healthy. Police road accident data shows that every year over 500 people are killed (almost one third of all road deaths), 5,000 seriously injured and almost 40,000 slightly injured in collisions involving professional drivers.

D4Drivers offer driver screening to businesses that can be tailored suit individual needs. D4Drivers have two types of screening available; Driver Screening to group 1 standards and Advanced Driver Screening to group 2 standards. The difference between the two services are the standards that the driver must meet to successfully pass the assessment. As with any job, different needs have different requirements to meet. We have found that employees driving HGV tankers of hazardous waste might want a slightly more advanced screening to an employer who has a fleet of transit vans delivering goods.

Driver screening is not only beneficial for your drivers, but for your business. HSE suggest drivers of the following have regular health screens:

  • HGV/LGVs
  • Buses
  • Taxis
  • Company cars
  • Vans
  • Forklifts
  • Plant machinery

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How does it work?

From only £65 per driver, the D4Drive booking system gives you the ability to book your drivers anytime 24/7. Simply select the best location, date and time for your driver and a booking confirmation will be sent to both the company and the employee. Following the medical examination, we will provide a certificate of fitness for each driver, so a record can be kept on the employee’s file. If any driver did not meet the criteria chosen by the company, D4Drivers will provide a full breakdown of what aspects from within the medical were not achieved and a comprehensive breakdown of what follow up actions can be taken.

The assessment consists of:

• Blood pressure check

• Vision and field of vision test

• Diabetes (Urine test)

• Detailed medical history questionnaire

• Review of medications

• Mental health check

• Cardiac investigation

• Height & weight

• Lifestyle assessment

• Neurological health audit

Driver screening ad-ons include:

• Drug & Alcohol test

• Cholesterol check

• ECG (*)

To discuss how driver screening can help your business call 0300 3030 668, email or complete our contact form!