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If your business needs doctors to visit its site(s) to provide medical assessments to your drivers or customers, then D4Drivers can help by arranging a site visit to make the process of getting drivers assessed quicker and easier.

Whether you need regular, ad hoc or one-off visits, with our network of doctors covering all areas of the UK we can meet your requirements.

  • Cost effective – depending on volume it can be cheaper than booking into our clinics, and drivers can be assessed with less disruption to shift patterns
  • Convenient – the doctor will come to you and you book one session rather than multiple appointments
  • Efficient – up to 32 candidates can be seen in a single day

Both businesses and drivers reap the rewards of an on-site medical, saving both time and money, with the flexibility to schedule medicals as and when required.

The assessments which we can provide on-sites for are:

  • D4 Medical
  • Taxi Medical (Dependent on your local authority regulations)
  • Pre-Employment Medical
  • Group 1 & 2 Driver  Screening
  • Forklift Medical
  • Airside Medical
  • Crane Medical
  • Drug & Alcohol Screening

A site visit can usually be conducted at most premises. However, there are a few minimum requirements that you should check before booking. The examination room must be:

  • At least 4×4 metres in size
  • Well lit, preferably with good natural lighting and ample light sources
  • Near to a suitable waiting area – or with space for chairs nearby e.g. in an adjacent corridor

We will also ask you to complete a clinic list so that our doctor has a schedule of appointments – this is important as we need to have a record of all candidates being assessed, as it helps with the smooth running of the day.

Candidates will need to be advised of their appointment and of what they need to bring. This is important, as any candidate who arrives without the necessary medical information may need to be re-booked at a later date, for which there may be an additional charge.

What a candidate needs to bring will vary slightly depending on the assessment we are completing, however as a minimum all candidates must bring:

Photo ID – Passport or Driving License are accepted, candidates who don’t have these should bring multiple forms of alternative ID including a Work ID, proof of address, bank statement etc. however we cannot guarantee that our doctor will accept these.

Current Medications – Name and dosage of all medication and if they suffer with high blood pressure, 3 previous readings will be required.

Details of major hospital treatments in the last 10 years – This includes details of major surgery e.g. heart bypass, diagnoses and treatment for significant illness or disease e.g. cancer, results from recent ECG’s or cardiac investigations. Hospital notes, discharge letters and ECG reports for example would be needed.

Details of any Consultants currently providing treatment – We need to know if the candidate is currently under the care of a consultant, and if so, who that consultant is, and what they are being treated for.

Glasses & Prescription – If glasses are worn for driving these must be brought to the assessment. An optical prescription (dated no older than 2 years) is also required if glasses are worn for driving. Contact lenses, if worn, will need to be removed prior to the assessment and if the candidate does not have glasses, then they will need to bring their contact lens containers and solution in order to remove and replace their lenses during the assessment.

Previous Blood Pressure Readings – If the candidate suffers with high blood pressure, they will need to bring 3 previous blood pressure readings either on headed paper from their GP surgery or from their own blood pressure monitor if it has the ability to store previous readings.

For some appointment types, we are able to offer a fitness and/or feedback from the appointments. If you require a certificate or details of assessment outcomes, notes or reasons for failure to meet the required medical standards, then we must have documented consent from each candidate before we can provide this.

It is the responsibility of the company to ensure that consent is completed prior to the on-site and the attending Doctor is made aware of any candidates who haven’t provided consent. To help with this, we will provide you with a link to a digital consent form that you can share with each candidate.

Enquire below to see how we can support your business with on-site medical clinics